• Yogurt and granola
  • New age baba meal
  • Classic hummus

Reunion isn't just an israeli restaurant, it's a passion.
A Feeling of a strong longing, to a city full of people, scents and flavors.

Since opening in August 2014, owners Inna and Eldad Mashiach are creating every day to have a little piece of Tel Aviv in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

You can sense the vibes of "the white city" in every corner of the restaurant. From the creative menu, through the warm Mediterranean hospitality, to the greenery on the walls.

The menu is their love letter. A letter to a city they used to be a part of. A city that still lives within them.

Take a stroll through the narrow alleys of old Jaffa and try the famous shakshuka. Walk around the noisy Carmel Market and taste the Sabich bowl, a classic Israeli dish with a Brooklyn flair.

Together with an amazing family of team members, Inna and Eldad take you straight to Tel Aviv, by riding the L train.

No passport is needed!